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A later stage of Large Red Dots for Enjoyment, for Inhabit. The bear towers needed to be dismantled as the wax polish they were made of was well smelly.

close up, scene two of Large Red Dots for Enjoyment, for Inhabit

the second scene I made for Large Red Dots for Enjoyment… I used some unwanted wax polish that had been mixed with gold pigment. Part of Inhabit

Large Red Dots for Enjoyment - view of most of the first scene I made. The whole narrative came about gradually, based on the materials I had found and how they fit together. It was for Inhabit 

Large Red Dots for Enjoyment - a close up of my improvised installation for Inhabit. I was very keen on trying to make a scale model, rather than a small sculpture.

Large Red Dots for Enjoyment - a close up of my improvised installation for Inhabit

Scene from my work for “Inhabit”, a project by my friend Emy. She asked artists to work for a day in a space which she would then use as a venue and starting point for interviews with various unrelated creative characters. My work became called “Large Red Dots for Enjoyment”. It was the setting for an interview with Gary War

Piss Off From My Paradise

mum’s piano with a sheet put up to project mario kart onto fallen down in front of it. 

Inlay of Or, what I put together. Our friend/ Amior(lil dude there with us)’s mum Sakura took the pictures. You can see the real-life cover of the record on the floor here.

Or by Dog Chocolate! The cover of our record. Collaboration with the rest of my band and our pal Amior who’s five. We went onto the roof of Utrophia with spray paint, plasticine, and more paint and made a mess, before deciding to just arrange little bits of the mess neatly on a bit of plasterboard

beach, Koh Tonsay

Island Store at Extra Bones’ Cryptic Quest residency. I set up a stall supplying items useful to adventurers in the world of “Changeling Island”; our invented world, that the installation was based on. NB, for sale; blob rocks, bitter melons, cryptic strings, solid frost, Stack Bod mythology shards.

Ideal Home Show

hill drawing re-hang at Extra Bones’ installation/ workshop residency “Cryptic Quest”. There are 3 series of 4 zoom-ins to island hillsides. Andrew Dennison produced a choose-your-own-adventure game inspired by these drawings and the rest of the residency took the lead from the world of the game!